Free Skits and Musical Programs for Children and Adults

Over the years I’ve put together lots of programs for schools and for churches. I wrote some of the songs, but mostly it is just skits or programs using existing music. ‘Also, I have a few special worship service outlines as well.

These are available for free, but we would love to hear if you use one of the programs and how it goes. Please do not charge for the performances, and you may not sell the scripts, but you may use them freely in your ministry. If you wish to make a donation, please go to the “Give” page. If you wish to make a tax-deductible gift in the US, please give through Glenwood Baptist Church as instructed on the “Give” page. In Taiwan, please give through Living Springs/Glory Church. Contact us with any questions.

Thank you!
Terrie Brown


A fun, easy to produce children’s Christmas program that teaches the true meaning of Christmas. For 7-13 children and one adult
The Christmas Mystery


A fun skit leading into a sermon on being doers of the Word. Skit uses three males.
The PewWarmer Deluxe Skit

A fun skit for kids or youth teaching the true meaning of who Jesus is and what salvation is all about. Five characters and a choir/audience needed.
Who is Jesus Game Show

This is a Readers Theater version of 1 Corinthians 13 and how our love or lack thereof affects the unbelievers we meet each day.
Know Us by Our Love Readers Theater

This is a skit, suggested worship songs, solo, and sermon series about making a difference in our world by walking on holy ground.
Holy Ground Drama Sermons Songs

This is an easy Easter program/ worship service that can be put together very quickly.
Remember and Celebrate Easter Program

Each year we plan a Lessons and Carols worship time either in church or at home with family and friends. Here are several of those services we’ve done.
God’s Word Lessons and Carols
A Christmas Celebration
A Family Christmas Celebration
Your Kingdom Come Lessons and Carols
Hanging of the Green Service
O Come Let Us Adore Him Lessons & Carols

Praise the Creator is a concert about the general revelation of God, that we can see His handiwork and fingerprints revealed in nature. It is a great spring concert and uses both contemporary and traditional music.
Praise the Creator Choir Concert

A Night of Psalms is a concert through the Psalms hitting on some of the main themes of the book. We did it as a Friday night concert. It is longer than most concerts timed for a general worship service.
A Night of Psalms Concert

My Shepherd is a concert based on Psalm 23 and calls for commitment to the Great Shepherd. This concert has mostly contemporary music and arrangements.
My Shepherd Concert

This is a children’s Christmas program. It is cute and works well with a variety of grades being involved.
The Big Backward Birthday Party

Joy to the World is a Christmas program for a whole school or large children’s program at a church. It teaches about Christmas traditions around the world while showng that Christ came to save the world.
Joy to the World Program

Love Lifted Me is an Easter program with the theme that Jesus was lifted up to die for us, He lifted us up through His forgiveness, and now, as His children, we lift His name up to a world that needs Him. I have done two versions of this one. One is more blended with some traditional hymns while the other is very contemporary. The narrators may be just narrators, or they can dress in biblical clothing and present their lines dramatically in character.
Love lifted me Easter Program
Love Lifted Me Blended Worship Style

This program was done for Easter using “The Twelve Voices of Easter” which are available online. These monologues are combined with music and personal testimonies from your congregation. It was originally very traditional, but some of the anthems are no longer in print, so I have changed a few songs to more contemporary/blended songs.
I Love to Tell the Story

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